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Thundercats Complete Collection 1985 1987


Thundercats Complete Collection 1985 1987

Thundercats- The Complete Collection - All Seasons - Full Movies - Complete Series. ThunderCats - Complete Series on DVD! 'Thundercats' The Complete Collection Series Collection contains all 7 seasons of the award winning animated series in high-definition and widescreen format. S1-S7: (1080p HD) All Seasons A very special 2005 release, All Seasons is the best collection of ThunderCats episodes ever released on DVD. The episodes are in their original 'elemental' (from the original 1985 pilot episode to the last episode of the 1985-1987 season series) format. The remastered episodes have been scanned from the original 35mm film, in a high definition 4:3 transfer for the best possible viewing experience. The '89 pilot episode contains the original story animation and soundtrack from the 1985-1986 season. The DVD also contains the newly-created 2005-2006 episodes with all their sound effects and special effects, along with all-new music, as well as bonus commentaries on select episodes. The special effects are the pinnacle of the series in their best form. The DVD set also contains all 22 original motion-capture and motion-graphics animated episodes of the 2003 series, as well as the 2005-2006 episodes. These are the only episodes that contain the character dialogue. However, due to the high quality of the remastering, there are very little glitches in the quality of the audio or the production. Every episode is presented in its original format in the following order: S1: A Lovely Way to Die (1985-1986) S2: Storming the Citadel (1985-1986) S3: The Mutation of Mumm-Ra (1985-1986) S4: The Time Trap of Cheetara (1985-1986) S5: Chameleon from Space (1985-1986) S6: The Revenge of Mumm-Ra (1985-1986) S7: The Trial of the ThunderCats (1985-1986) S8: The Return of Mumm-Ra (1985-1986) Disc 1 S1: A Lovely Way to Die (Part 1) (August 16, 1985) (Original Pilot Episode) S2: Storming the Citadel (October 15, 1985) S3: The Mutation of Mumm-Ra (November 22, 1985) S4: The Time Trap of Che

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Thundercats Complete Collection 1985 1987

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